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Correlated Color Temperature control system

Lighting market proposes a lot of fixtures and systems able to change color (RGB) and temperature (Tunable White) of the light. These products are often LED with two or more independent light color channels, where drivers are controlled by DALI or DMX protocol.

Lighting controls players offer solutions able to control these fixtures, allowing the user manual to control or to set up automatic functions based on movement detectors, light sensors or schedulers.

ZETAQLAB aims to improve the interaction between environment and system control. ZETAQLAB CCT Control System let you do more, creating amazing interactions between environment and your lighting fixtures. Thanks to CTT Sensor, an innovative sensor able not only to read light level (Lux) but also light temperature (°K) of a surface. The information detected by this sensor are processed by the C-LIGHT software, which is able to manage with appropriate algorithms all the luminaires Tunable White and RGB present in the system.

This technology can be used in various applications and enables to realize the following logic:

OPEN LOOP CONTROL: retrives the quantity and the color temperature of the light in a indoor or outdoor environment and modify the emission of the luminaires in other environments. For example, you can implement the same color temperature of the natural light within not lit by sunlight environments.

CLOSED LOOP CONTROL: retrives the quantity and the color temperature of the light on a surface, for example next to a work of art, and compensation of the variation of external light contribution (or not controlled in terms of intensity and color temperature) modifying the emission of the fixtures so as to maintain constant the illumination (Lux) and the color temperature (° K).

CCT Sensor can be used in lighting systems with wired and wireless DALI and DMX luminaires. ZETAQLAB is also able to realize integration with third-party control systems or with other Building Automation and BMS solutions.