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  • ZQ-RF Wireless control module for PWM, 1/10V and DALI luminaries
  • RF-D110 Wireless control module for 1/10V and DALI luminaires
  • ZQ-SENSE Normal and Emergency light management system
  • DALI-SENSE Wireless DALI multisensor for office applications
  • DALI-SENSE-HB Wireless DALI multisensor for high bay applications
  • DALI-SENSE-COLOR Wireless DALI multisensor for RGBW and Tunable White luminaires
  • RF-LUX+ Motion and light wireless multisensor for high bay applications
  • CCT-SENSOR Lighting level (Lux) and temperature (°K) sensor
  • DATA-LOGGER Web-server for Energy Metering
  • MINI-SERVER ZETAQLAB wireless systems management server
  • ZQ-SERVER ZETAQLAB systems management server
  • ZQ Light Link App for ZETAQLAB wireless device configuration
  • Web-App Web app for device configuration
  • C-LIGHT Supervision and centralized diagnostic software
  • TCOLight Energy consumption and TCO evaluation software
  • RF-GATE Wireless Multifunctional Gateway
  • ENERGY METER Energy meter