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Energy consumption and TCO evaluation software


The TCOlight software application, available on www.tcolight.com, allows you to compare design solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting systems and estimate energy consumption in accordance with EN1519 standard, which uses the LENI (Light Energy Numeric Indicator) in order to evaluate consumption impact of luminaires and control systems. TCOlight calculates installation, maintenance and energy costs and evaluates the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of each lighting system design, i.e. total cost of the system. Other the TCO, payback time is also calculated. This allows the client to foresee how many months it will take to achieve payback and save energy with a more expensive but more energetically efficient solution. TCOlight generates and exports detailed reports for each design project in PDF or Excel. The application is free (TCOlight Basic) and customizable by companies wishing to create their own databases of lighting fixtures and automation systems.

Technical Features

  • Web-based application accessible on www.tcolight.com
  • Calculates consumption in accordance with EN15193 standard
  • Compares energy and financial cost of various solutions
  • Evaluation of TCO and Payback Time
  • Exports PDF and Excel reports
  •   TCOlight Brochure