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Supervision and centralized diagnostic software


C-LIGHT is a software designed for local (Intranet) and remote (Internet) management of any kind of automation system which can be integrated within the ZETAQLAB platform. Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, C-LIGHT is able to visualize contents on any kind of web browser enabled device, such as a PC, notebook tablet or smartphone. C-LIGHT makes it possible to configure, monitor and control any kind of integrated system and any kind of connected device both through manual operations and automatic algorithms based on calendar, events and other variables. Also, C-LIGHT is able to file and export data relative to energy consumption as well as automatically perform tests on Emergency luminaires and UPS, making it possible to export the register of the platform’s various activities, as prescribed by EN50172 standard.

Technical Features

  • Web-based application for Windows and Linux systems
  • MySQL standard database
  • Can be configured for Intranet and Cloud
  • System management via graphic map
  • User profiling for single and multi-site applications
  • Activity programming based on time/calender
  • Energy consumption management
  • Automatic emergency testing for luminaires and UPS according to EN50172 standard
  • Exports data and technical reporting
  • Integration with other Building Automation systems (customizable plug-in)
  • Exports data to BMS and SCADA systems (web services)
   C-LIGHT Brochure