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ZETAQLAB systems management server


ZQ-SERVER allows configuration, management and monitoring of wired and wireless devices used by ZETAQLAB systems. Thanks to its three modular serial interfaces (RS422, RS485, DALI) it’s possible to connect DALI luminaires, sensors, energy meters and wireless antennas. Integration with third parties devices and systems is achived by means of Ethernet interface and digital inputs.

Technical Features

  • 24Vdc (max 20 W) power supply
  • Ethernet interface (RJ45)
  • Sertial 1: RS422 for RF-ANT remote antenna
  • Sertial 2: DALI (powered output, 64 driver max)
  • Sertial 3: RS485 or DALI (powered output, 64 driver max)
  • 8 digital optoisolated inputs
  • Pluggable SD memory card
  • RF-ANT remote antenna up to 30 m
  • 868 MHz wireless Mesh Network (915 MHz on request)
  • Manages up to 250 wireless nodes
  • Modbus (RS485) interfacing for energy meters
  • Battery-backed astronomical clock
  • Linux operating system and integrated WebServer
  • Integrated WebApp for mobile devices
   ZQ-SERVER Datasheet