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Wireless control module for PWM, 1/10V and DALI luminaires


The ZQ-RF radio module controls a single lighting device equipped with a PWM, 1/10V or DALI interface via a wireless network. It is possible to directly connect it to drivers equipped with a 12Vdc auxiliary power supply; alternatively, it is possible to connect it to a compact low cost AC/DC. The module works on a 868MHz frequency range (915 MHz available on request) and is able to implement Mesh Network functions. Finally, the ZQRF can be used as a stand-alone controller or managed through a centralized system (Modbus TCP).

ZQ-RF-KITIP66 code is composed by a ZQ-RF-BOX radio module and a 230Vac power supply, all integrated into a IP66 plastic box.

Technical Features

  • 12Vdc (max 1 W) power supply
  • 868 MHz frequency (915 on request), Mesh Network
  • 13 dBm transmission power, wire antenna
  • PWM output 0-10V @ 480 Hz (max 4 driver)
  • 0/10V - 1/10V output (max 4 driver)
  • DALI output (max 4 driver “broadcast”)
   ZQ-RF Datasheet
   ZQ-RF-KITIP66 Datasheet