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Wireless control module for 1/10V and DALI luminaires


RF-D110 manages one single lighting fixture with DALI or 1/10V standard driver(s) using wireless commands. The module provides to driver(s) control signal and power. Light Group of the fixture can be selected by means of a rotary switch and/or via software. RF-D110 can interfaces analog and digital signals from sensors like movement, light and temperature. RF-D110 can be installed inside or outside luminaires and the antenna could be integrated (wired) or external, connected by standard SMA connector.

Technical Features

  • 230 Vac (max 2 W) power supply
  • 868 MHz frequency (915 on request), Mesh Network
  • 13 dBm transmission power
  • 1/10V and DALI output (max 4 driver)
  • 500VA - Max 3A relay output
  • External (SMA) or integrated antenna
  • 3 digitali input/1 analog input for external sensors
  • I/O insulation 6kV
  • Rotary switch for Light Group setting
   RF-D110 Datasheet